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St.Ives Station


How do you want to view your Weather ?

NCI St. Ives broadcasts the current weather and sea conditions on VHF Channel 65 every day.

Our broadcasts are made 08:30 11:30 and 15:30

You are also always welcome to telephone the Lookout on 0‍1736 799398 or hail “St. Ives NCI” on VHF Channel 65 for an update.

Falmouth Coastguard broadcasts the latest Gale Warnings and Inshore Waters Forecast every three hours starting at at 0110 local time

NOTE: you can also install the Davis Weatherlink App on your mobile device and set up a free account.  You will not only have access to our Weatherstation data but also to all other NCI and public Weatherstations and is far more comprehensive than our old style chart data

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