National Coastwatch


St.Ives Station


Today, at an undisclosed NCI station the watch-keeper noted that a lone surfer was in trouble and struggling to stay afloat

The watch-keeper immediately contacted the stations Controlling coastguard station to report the incident. The local inshore lifeboat was quickly launched and the watch-keeper guided the vessel to the surfers location

The tired and worried surfer was very relieved to see the lifeboat which was soon alongside the now smiling individual whom was pulled aboard, along with his surfboard and brought to safety.

On a serious note, although this was a "game" I played today with my granddaughter the message behind it was a serious one. Helping people to understand the potential dangers of the sea is something that a person is never too young (or old!) to learn.

We are looking for volunteers and if you would like to find out more on what is involved please